Herbicide and insecticide cost per acre spreadsheet

Fertilizer Blend and Cost Considerations Spreadsheet


Weed Control and Utilization of Herbicides

Understanding Herbicide Terminology And Resources For Use in Rangeland and Pasture Management

Managing Grassy Weeds in a Grass Pasture or Hay Meadow

Choosing the Right Nozzle to Reduce Spray Drift

Quick Reference for Common Rangeland and Pasture Herbicides

Rainfastness of Select Pasture and Hay Meadow Herbicides

Weed control for newly sprigged bermudagrass

Suggestions for Weed Control in Pastures and Forages

Sprayer Calibration

Chemical Weed and Brush Control Suggestions for Rangeland


Forage Species

Introduced Bluestem Grasses

Forage Species for Texas

Warm Season Annual Forages for Texas

Bermudagrass Varieties, Hybrids, and Blends for Texas

Bahiagrass Utilization in East Texas

Establishing Tifton 85 Bermudagrass

Seeded bermudagrass and establishment


Hay Production

Hay Production in Texas

How to Handle Hay Following Hurricane or Flood

Hay Purchases: Grasses Not Adapted to Texas

Bale Weight How Important is It


Forage Insect Pests

Armyworm Fact Sheet 2019

Bermudagrass Stem Maggot Management Guidelines 2019

Managing Insect Pests of Texas Forage Crops



Forage Management Strategies for Drought Conditions


Winter Pasture

Cool season forage legume management guide

Establishing Cool Season Annual Grasses

Stockpiling Bermudagrass


Soil Fertility

Soil fertility in bermudagrass production

Soil Acidity and Liming

Biological Nitrogen Fixation

Pasture & Soil Management Following Saltwater Intrusion

Testing your soil: How to collect and send samples

Non Traditional Soil Additives

Nitrogen What Should I Use

Bermudagrass decline

Broiler Litter as an Alternative to Commercial Fertilizer

Adapting Equine Care for Sandy Soil Pastures in Texas



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