Weed of the Week: Hemp Dogbane

WEED OF THE WEEK: Hemp Dogbane (Apocynum cannabinum L.)

Hemp dogbane is an erect, one to three feet tall perennial. It grows from woody horizontal rootstocks. Leaves are smooth, elliptical, narrow and erect. Flowers are small with five greenish-white petals. Leaves and stems have a milky sap. Seed pods are long and slender. Hemp dogbane plants produce from 800-12,000 seeds per plant. Each plant usually has 10 to 60 seed pods and each pod contains between 80-200 seeds.Hemp dogbane is very competitive. It can reduce forage yields if not controlled. Hemp dogbane prefers low-lying wet areas but can grow in dry upland soils as well.

Hemp Dogbane

Hemp Dogbane



Hemp dogbane flower

Hemp dogbane flower


Hemp Dogbane

Hemp Dogbane


Select Herbicide Options:


2, 4-D

GrazonNext HL

Grazon P+D

Pasturall HL


Chaparral (for bermudagrass pastures, will destroy bahiagrass)

Cimarron Max (for bermudagrass pastures, will destroy bahiagrass)

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