Weed of the Week: Broadleaf Marshelder

Broadleaf Marshedler (Iva annua L.) is a warm season annual in the Sunflower family. Also called broadleaf sump weed. The leaves are situated in pairs across from each other on the stem. Marshelder grows in wet, moist areas, disturbed areas, and roadsides. This plant germinates in the early spring in February or March. The flowers, which resemble those of the ragweed group, are inconspicuous. It flowers in later summer and fall.


Mature Marshelder

2014-04-30 14.41.03

Young Marshelder Plants

Select Herbicide Options:


2, 4-D

GrazonNext HL


Grazon P+D



Chaparral (for bermudagrass pastures, will destroy bahiagrass)

Cimarron Max (for bermudagrass pastures, will destroy bahiagrass)

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