January: The beginning of a new year!

January not only marks a new year but it is also the beginning of winter pasture utilization. Because drought and cold weather can slow the growth of forages, livestock on winter pasture may need to be supplemented with hay.

All East Texas regions:

Use stockpiled bermudagrass/bahiagrass by mid-January. It may be possible to graze annual ryegrass at a low stocking rate if temperatures do not rise above 50°F at night and there is enough moisture for adequate forage growth. Pastures may be available for grazing from late December to February, depending on the latitude. Ryegrass production begins earlier in southern than in northern Texas.

Graze small grain and ryegrass pastures that were planted into prepared seedbeds and no-till pastures. Use a low stocking rate or provide hay.

For more specific area recommendations contact your county extension agent!

Steers grazing cool-season annual forages in East Texas.

Steers grazing cool-season annual forages in East Texas.

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